Actually I just got a couple of extra days off. I don’t get vacations, I’m poor and didn’t finish college. But It means that I got the new Deth Bunny Page up! In actuality I took it and split it into three strips. It seems like it might read a little better that way. I will also have the full page up ( and for sale). Today I will finish up I think its page six? and start work on inking a couple more. My lettering is slowly improving. I have about another month of stuff already done and I’ll be making more pages. I think I can average about a page a week. thats my current goal.

I’m contemplating mimicking the format of this. It seems like a pretty smart way to handle webcomic stuff with out getting tied down to a limiting format. I believe the ratios they use also allow them to translate to print with relative ease. And you know ITS A COMIC BOOK A BOUT A HOT STEAM PUNK PIRATE CAPTAIN.

Since I have  a small back log of the Deth Bunny pages, I am going to finish the animated Lessons Learned From Dreams page. I also started on the second LLFD page, also animated, which I expect will take a lot longer as it will be more ambitiously animated. I am going to be taking an animation class this winter which I hope will help speed up the process. My Primary inspiration for this is the quite brilliant MOTH comic and the equally impressive Thunderpaw.

I have to go back to work tomorrow and its weighing heavily on me. I spend almost the entire time working wishing I was drawing. This shizz by Brandon Graham gives me hope. Most shizz by Brandon Graham gives me hope. It’s like how I feel about David Bowie Only with comics.

Here is the full DB page:

What I’ve done last couple of days


Here are some drawings from this week and some others from the past that figure in with the new ones. The drawing on the  left is a study from a sketch book. The one on the right is from a comic about a girl who becomes the host for a symbiotic sentient alien algae. There is the requisite running from the government and falling in love with a robot. She eventually discovers another person also colonized by space algae but a red variety.  Together they find out they are basically algae royalty on opposite sides of a bloody war. Well as much as space algae has blood I guess. Sort of Romeo and Juliet in the future with space algae. I wrote the concept and some story at a time I was mildly obsessed with a blue haired girl.

Tentacles and Turtles


Some things I have been monkey-ing with over the past week.

A quick sketch then quickly colored in photoshop. I’m gonna be drawing eggs and tentacles for a while.

This is the second drawing. more refined. I think this style of drawing will work nice for comic book stuff.

Lastly, I’ve been drawing a bunch of robot turtles. I don’t remember if there are more or not posted here, but I will make some sort of post with a bunch of them, sometime soonish.

spider lady


These are sketches I’m doing for  some knucklehead’s a friend’s tattoo. For the one on the right I referenced a drawing by Chris Conn for the pose, but I honestly looked at about a hundred girl head tattoos. This is a few drawings removed as well. The next step will be to trace it to line art and scan it into photoshop. There I’m going to make the spider lady symmetrical and comp some colors. Although I have to say i really like the way colored pencil looks on dark paper.

Martian Chemist and Captian Ahab


double post. I’m still figuring out formatting and stuff and it’s still slow going due to my computing power. Anyway. These two seemed to go together. One is from a conceptual drawing class. I forget who the guy is, i think he’s a chemist or something like that. there was a reason I choose him, but I can’t remember what it is. The second is new, it’s a drawing of captain ahab. As far as drawings go I like it, but its not as mindlessly obsessed as I wanted.

Hah so now I’m just three posts down. ugh. I redid the Storm pin up that pissed my off so thoroughly last weekend. This one is at least proportionate if still not quite what I wanted. With any luck I will be able to put a longer post up today with all the drawings and why I hate them.

I really just want to spend all day every day drawing. I feel it would let me get better. I guess that boat sailed. meh.


beauty & braaaiiinnnnnss


this is a ten minute sketch I did at lunch today, instead of eating lunch. I just wasnt hungry. It was done in red colored pencil on this weird ass sage green scrap paper left over in the press room somewhere. I was reading “Wormwood Gentleman Corpse” and this used  a similar technique. I screwed around in photoshop to put the words on the shirt. That took forever. My computer sucks.