Necronomicon 2019! The Black Apple! Stuffffff!!!!!


tba_issue1_coverHey there, Friendly neighborhood Jamison here!

In a couple of weeks I will be vending my nefarious wares at the 2019 Necronomicon! I will have Shirts, Patches, Stickers, Comics, Art and stuff! Come on down and get a sticker or a comic or a shirt. gonna be selling originals too! Come get some aht fer yeh wahls ked! I will also be debuting The Black Apple, a horror anthology of fairy tales and stories of woe. The titular apple is the fruit of knowledge that brings misery.In the grand tradition of Tales from the Crypt! Heavy Metal! Hustler! Better Homes and Gardens! American Rifleman! Yoga Butt Daily! Featuring the work of comics makers and art type peoples from Providence and beyond! Available for preorder HERE!


In Spetember I will be a the rock and roll yard sale on the 8th and the Catamount Comic Con on the 15th

Inktober 2017!

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Hiya folks, i’m gonna do inktober. It’s this drawing challenge thingy were you do an ink drawing for a series of prompts, one for each day of October.

It’s a couple things: a way to do a drawing everyday, a method of self promotion, practice, and a ham sandwich carved into the likeness of Mt Rushmore. One of those things is a lie. I wont say which, I will leave that up to you to figure out.

I will put my shizznitt up on instagram evvr day, if not y’all get to hurl insults at me! or bananas! if you have no insults or banananaas you can always hurl cash because according to my bank account, I really have an aversion to the stuff.

I will put a  gallery up here at the end of the month and all of the drawings are available to purchase, so I will try and make them good.

Here is this years list:

I’m already a little stumped by the first one and really dont want to draw the taylor version of that word.

does marker count as ink?

LLFD 081616

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lessons learned from dreams: on space travel
traditional space travel is very crude. The idea of going very fast and expending an enormous amount of energy is not only inefficient but incredibly wasteful. I fact I was admonished about after completely the first trans-galactic flight only to find my next door neighbor there waiting for me. or at least I thought it was the first. as it turns out sequence is also widely misunderstood. rocket travel, he went on to say is akin to trying to take your pants off by unraveling the threads starting at the leg opening. It is much easier to use the zipper. Apparently, he used tesseracts and then can go anywhere he can think of, as long as he knows where it is. “we’re the last generation who has to do this, our kids won’t have the limitation or perception, having grown up with it. They will be able to be everywhere at once. They already are.” He also recommended that we do not put any settlements around the graveyard. “There are noises coming from underneath it”



After a long struggle where I failed to figure out how the internet, or at least WordPress, works, I have a reliable (maybe) place for my comics. At least until I get some in print.
Tumblr will be housing them with their own headers, archives, and a spot for process art.
Also, next month will see the print version of The Black Apple. A Horror/Fairytale anthology series I’m creating with my friend and co-conspirator Britton Kroessler. I would say we’re about halfway through the first issue, which puts us significantly behind our “printed by next week” schedule. COMICS!
So Uh, go Read Deth Bunny, I mean the pages are all only two years old at best!

Buy stuff!

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I’m gonna be selling all the stuff I do. I set up a storefront site over at

Not much atm but it will include prints, comics and the like, hopefully shirts patches and pins eventually.

Right now you can buy a picture of a monkey on commission. NO TWO MONKEYS THE SAME! BUY ONE, BUY TWO! THE MAKE GREAT GIFTS!



i am so poor.

New stuff coming soon


I finished photography for the rest of my portfolio! That will be updated soon. I am also making some images for my cousin Bethany’s very interesting blog called the graph paper diaries. I made some doom-y greeting cards with my comrade in arms Britton.

I have a number of other things in the works including cool ass art prints, new Deth Bunny pages, and an anthology comic of horror fairy tales called The Black Apple. Also: BANANANA GANG.