Inktober 2017!

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Hiya folks, i’m gonna do inktober. It’s this drawing challenge thingy were you do an ink drawing for a series of prompts, one for each day of October.

It’s a couple things: a way to do a drawing everyday, a method of self promotion, practice, and a ham sandwich carved into the likeness of Mt Rushmore. One of those things is a lie. I wont say which, I will leave that up to you to figure out.

I will put my shizznitt up on instagram evvr day, if not y’all get to hurl insults at me! or bananas! if you have no insults or banananaas you can always hurl cash because according to my bank account, I really have an aversion to the stuff.

I will put a  gallery up here at the end of the month and all of the drawings are available to purchase, so I will try and make them good.

Here is this years list:

I’m already a little stumped by the first one and really dont want to draw the taylor version of that word.

does marker count as ink?

Day 30 FINI!

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Well I took me longer than thirty days and I havent really scratched the surface with what I wanted to do with my site, but I am definitely thirty drawings richer than I was. Lessons were learned about working fast and deadlines. I put together a system for getting things done and keeping them organized. All in all it was good experience. Today I am going to paint and draw tattoos until my hands fall off. I am going to (as an experiment) try to put these together into a gallery on a separate page with links back to the pics and posts.


Next on the agenda is a couple fo large paintings ( which should be done by months end) a series of drawings involving tentacles, randomized header art ( hopefully with animation!) and the mythical webcomic. I’m gonna scan some old and odd art work as well.


day 16


day 16 is inspiration. this is a p[in up of brandon graham’s sexica character from his russian werewolf comic “Multiple Warheads”. Brandon is pretty cool comics cat and changed the way I feel about comics and making stuff in general with his very honest very earnest posts on comics and the wonderful books he makes. If my illness was ground zero for me getting back into making art and doing things Brandon graham is one of the people who changed my attitude regarding such.