complete rebuild


none of the comic plugins work with my current theme that i’ve spent time making relatively nice so I will be migrating to another theme and resetting up shop. This will require me to back up everything I have, take it all down, redesign the site, and get it running again. The cool thing about starting from scratch is everything is cool and new! the bad thing about starting from scratch is that, well, you’re starting from scratch.



got a bunch of new stuff but i never get around to getting it up here. it frustrating, i have two computers but neither are really awesome, they’re on two different floors for various reasons, scanner is in the studio, which is 95 degrees all the time right now. no desk down stairs so i work with a ton of shit in my lap and on the floor. after painting or drawing for a couple of hours in the heat, i dont want to sneaker net up and down stairs or write anything.


This is mostly just bitching, but i think i just figured out a workable set up. or the beginnings of one.

Mazzy, the Swamp Girl


Heres a thing I’ve been mucking about with for a week or two now. Sketchbook sketch scanned in cleaned up & colored. I made a little painting to figure out the color stuff. Photoshopped up the background. I think I might rig everything up for animation. Seems like it could hold up a short cartoon or two. Not done, might just be an exploration. I really wish I could do this shit for eight hours a day.

Day 30 FINI!

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Well I took me longer than thirty days and I havent really scratched the surface with what I wanted to do with my site, but I am definitely thirty drawings richer than I was. Lessons were learned about working fast and deadlines. I put together a system for getting things done and keeping them organized. All in all it was good experience. Today I am going to paint and draw tattoos until my hands fall off. I am going to (as an experiment) try to put these together into a gallery on a separate page with links back to the pics and posts.


Next on the agenda is a couple fo large paintings ( which should be done by months end) a series of drawings involving tentacles, randomized header art ( hopefully with animation!) and the mythical webcomic. I’m gonna scan some old and odd art work as well.