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Where I talk about shit that I wish I was doing and sort of kind of am trying to do.

So I used to do this thing where I would take dreams I had and turn them into short fiction, concentrating on getting the tone right and not relying too much on detail or narrative. They were fun. I turned a couple of them into comic pages. Now the tricky part of that endeavor is they rely on me a) having and b) remembering dreams. Sometimes that’s always, sometimes that’s never. Then I got this handy little app that helps you regulate sleep cycles and lets you know when you are awake, sleeping lightly, sleeping deeply or in REM sleep, I.E. dreaming and gives your sleep a score. It’s been pretty helpful, at least, in getting better sleep and waking up in the morning ( the bane of my fucking existence). I noticed that the nights were I dream, A lot I sleep better. And regulating it better also means I dream more. I just haven’t gotten anything down on paper. Yet. But I hope that is just because I am a lazy sleep mother fucker. Unfortunately, they fade away quickly and if I don’t act fast there isn’t enough to really convey anything. There was one about a social media app called “shrug” that leached all the color out of any pics you took and made everything look mediocre. There was some sinister reason, but I don’t remember. Tomorrow!
I really just want to draw and make stuff all day. More specifically, comics, prints, weird shit and the like. Right now I am spending in inordinate amount of time slapping together golf newsletters and grinding my teeth to powder editing enormous text documents in illustrator. I’ve been making drawing a daily habit, which is good and I got stickers made of something, which is a baby step, but yay baby steps? Work is accumulating and maybe I can finish some things and sell them.
Which leads to things I want to do and places I want to go. Emerald City Comic-con. It seems like the big con with the most in common with my sensibilities aesthetic, diaper fetish, whatever. It’s happening right now and contains the artists I follow on the internets and people whose comics I read. It’s in Seattle, I want to go. SPX, the small press expo in Bethesda Maryland. One of the bigger indie cons. There are also a few in Brooklyn (duh) Cambridge and I think one here in Providence.
So I’m gonna go draw something and look up when all those other cons are. No time like the last year in recorded history to get your shit together!

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