Necronomicon 2019! The Black Apple! Stuffffff!!!!!


tba_issue1_coverHey there, Friendly neighborhood Jamison here!

In a couple of weeks I will be vending my nefarious wares at the 2019 Necronomicon! I will have Shirts, Patches, Stickers, Comics, Art and stuff! Come on down and get a sticker or a comic or a shirt. gonna be selling originals too! Come get some aht fer yeh wahls ked! I will also be debuting The Black Apple, a horror anthology of fairy tales and stories of woe. The titular apple is the fruit of knowledge that brings misery.In the grand tradition of Tales from the Crypt! Heavy Metal! Hustler! Better Homes and Gardens! American Rifleman! Yoga Butt Daily! Featuring the work of comics makers and art type peoples from Providence and beyond! Available for preorder HERE!


In Spetember I will be a the rock and roll yard sale on the 8th and the Catamount Comic Con on the 15th

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