Martian Chemist and Captian Ahab


double post. I’m still figuring out formatting and stuff and it’s still slow going due to my computing power. Anyway. These two seemed to go together. One is from a conceptual drawing class. I forget who the guy is, i think he’s a chemist or something like that. there was a reason I choose him, but I can’t remember what it is. The second is new, it’s a drawing of captain ahab. As far as drawings go I like it, but its not as mindlessly obsessed as I wanted.

Hah so now I’m just three posts down. ugh. I redid the Storm pin up that pissed my off so thoroughly last weekend. This one is at least proportionate if still not quite what I wanted. With any luck I will be able to put a longer post up today with all the drawings and why I hate them.

I really just want to spend all day every day drawing. I feel it would let me get better. I guess that boat sailed. meh.

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