Winged SerpentFinished this last night, well worked on it until close to completion. Discovered I made a real bonehead mistake in the initial drawing.  Debating on adding blood spatter behind the body and a coffee wash to the back ground.

Also worked on character studies and thumbs fro “The Hunter”. I have sixteen pages planned out, gonna draw them and then start serializing that as my buffer. going to put together small run minis every sixteen pages. Taking it step by step, reading a ton of shit along the way. I have good idea of how its gonna look and a strong idea of where the story ends up. I hate it when the story just seems to meander and then die ( lost, battlestar, enki bilal). Didnt you know what you were doing before hand? “It sounds cool” doesnt cut it sonny. That being said I have one of those meandering stories that goes no where that I’m using to dump a bunch of ideas, too; I just dont think Im gonna show it to any one.


Oni: all together



This is the first scan of the oni painting. Prior to this I sketched the original image and cleaned it up by tracing it on a light box, fixing messy lines and altering proportions where necessary.


I start laying done initial tone and shade with a water proof black ink. I also fill in any flat black areas using the same ink.


I add color using water colors, building tone and depth gradually.

Here is where I add the finished painting. Color, more gray wash, and a coffee wash in the back ground. The photo is a little distorted due to curling, and the lighting is terrible despite photoshop corrections, but the result is decent enough.

Oni Mask


I put the shading into the oni face. I figured out a better method of getting the gradients in black ink, so I can lay the color over them like a tattoo. It also means  I’ll have a cool intermediate phase of a black and white toned drawing.

I did a bunch of small character sketches for  one of the comics yesterday and came up with a really cool idea for the layout of the time problem comic. It would have less of a traditional panel based layout and more of mish mash that you can read in any order. each spread page would be one large drawing instead of 18 smaller ones. It would subvert the sequential, mimicking a lack of time. Or make it totally unreadable. either way it will be interesting. I also plan on making a vaudevillian poster for the “Chicken” in a traditional tattoo style. Lots of ideas these days, I wish I could get my output on par with my brainstorming. I would probably have to stop sleeping and maybe grow some arms. Ooh! I think I’ll draw that!



I finished this last night and took a really quick picture of it this morning. Its pretty cool I guess, it’s the first time I’ve used a coffee wash for the back ground, something I picked up from Angelique Houtkamp’s Tattoo Darling book.

Here is the second one. I light boxed it onto watercolor paper yesterday and scanned it this morning. I think I’m going to do a digitally colored version in addition to the watercolor painting.

I was going to post comic pages but I cant find the files or they aren’t on my thumb drive, which means they’re on my home computer and it’s gonna take me a year to put something together I can show.

this is heresy


Christian DeathI’m going to attempt to post something everyday for at least the rest of the month. It might be a drawing or a painting or just a sketch or a process piece, but something everyday until October. By then, I hope to have the hang of larger more formatted posts, which I will do every two weeks/ to a month. Those will include drawings, pin ups, illustrations and design work I’m doing, tattoo flash, plus more detailed explanations of process and reference.

This piece is part of my first flash sheet, which I will post at some point. It was an exercise in making pieces that are constructed like tattoos and gave me the idea of doing themed flash sheets. I want to do one or two sheets based around the names of goth songs and death rock bands. This one is a take on the Christian Death logo.