Oni Mask


I put the shading into the oni face. I figured out a better method of getting the gradients in black ink, so I can lay the color over them like a tattoo. It also means  I’ll have a cool intermediate phase of a black and white toned drawing.

I did a bunch of small character sketches for  one of the comics yesterday and came up with a really cool idea for the layout of the time problem comic. It would have less of a traditional panel based layout and more of mish mash that you can read in any order. each spread page would be one large drawing instead of 18 smaller ones. It would subvert the sequential, mimicking a lack of time. Or make it totally unreadable. either way it will be interesting. I also plan on making a vaudevillian poster for the “Chicken” in a traditional tattoo style. Lots of ideas these days, I wish I could get my output on par with my brainstorming. I would probably have to stop sleeping and maybe grow some arms. Ooh! I think I’ll draw that!

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