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I’m working on a full page with animations, I hope to be finished this weekend sometime. I have a bunch of sketches to post as well.

I wrote like a page and a half this morning. It needs serious editing but it felt good, I haven’t been able to capture anything for a couple of weeks.

Just found this person the internets, Emily Carrol, a cool site of this woman’s comics and portfolio. It is of particular interest to me because she does a illustrated dream journal pages. They are fully painted and rather beautiful. She also made this video game Gone Home which looks wonderful and to be a very interesting and interactive approach to story telling.

I am in the middle of a class at RISD, I have a couple of cool projects I’m working on for that but I figure I am going to do a full process post for each of them when I am finished.



I have neglected this a lot. Towards the end of the summer I sussed out a lot of the technical stuff that i didn’t understand, so it looks nice. I have a a ton of new stuff to post. a few comic pages too, haven’t entirely figured that out yet. planning to start school again and go straight through until I’m done. Have a package deal planned for a family venture. Hopefully big stuff.




New page of The Hunter tomorrow. Did some math in my head today. if it take me about two days to do a kind of sloppy page that equals about 150 pages a year or five issues at the comic length that I like for floppys. And that is an ideal number that doesn’t figure in other projects or well life. and certainly not my life.

Continuing the math: The Hunter has already started to grow in my head, Witch House is three separate books, Amnesiac is easily that long, and I can count five other stories that i have extensive notes and drawings on. If i did this full time, for the rest of my life, i’m not sure i could get this all down on paper. Just remembered another i have. shit.

This doesnt take into account new ideas which I am beset with daily. And I don’t want to let them go, these are people, some of them are in trouble, and they want their stories told or at least resolved in my head. Who am I to say no. It feels a lot like when I was 19 and I fell in love with any pretty girl who smiled at me. She’s pretty! She likes me! I have to love her!

…that got me in alot of trouble.

round up or something


Its October. I was trying to post once a month but I am easily distracted and busy with work and school. This one is a roundup of cool stuff I have been reading, etc. Nothing new from me, I really need to get around to scanning some more artwork. I have been working on the outline/script for Strange Weather because I have pretty much had to redraw the whole thing so far due to rewrites. That is time consuming. I’ve come up with a name for one of the others (The Substance) which I was inking the prelude to last week. The witch house/ fairy story is still nameless as is the 70s scifi pastiche. I am lame.

I watched the Avengers cartoon that came out last year and its wonderful. Its similar to the Bruce Timm Batman series in that it modifies the source material stylistically while retaining the things essential to it. Keeping the heart and soul if you will. One of the ways this was achieved was by keeping the stories straight up kirby. A healthy dose of  the theatrical  releases and ultimates are thrown in to make things a bit more contmeporary. It’s what I remember Marvel being. It also has an incredibly shitty theme song, something so ubiquitous I would describe it as a trend. Its on netflix streaming or whatever that service is called these days.

I got a bunch of cool indy comics shit in the mail.

Wolves by Becky Cloonan

Bunch of Cool Stuff From Becky Cloonan

Wolves mini comic, buttons, bc, bookmark, and postcards



quasi horror comic originally written for a japanese compilation. The story is pretty awesome but i cant really say anything about it without spoiling it really. The comic it self is beautifully printed. There is a lot of really cool design going on here as well. her business card says “comics rules everything around me”. somewhere in that pile it says “life aint nothing but comics and money”. fuck, yeah.

I also got:

more stuff

Dead Winter Vol. 1, Death Day prologue & book 1, Capacity, and Jan's Atomic Heart.


Dave Shabet’s Dead Winter Vol 1 and buttons, Sam Hiti’s Death day and the prologue, Capacity by theo Ellsworth, and  jan’s atomic heart by Simon Roy.

These are comics that are interesting, well written and nice to look at. They are also doing on their own, so despite my empty wallet, I feel it is my duty to support them. Read and buy their books.

More internet comic book awesome ness:

she died in terrebone  is a noirish detective story. It’s written byKevin Church and drawn by TJ Kirsch. sex drugs booze more sex murder some more booze. fucking read it already.

Rice Boy by Evan Dahm. all of it is good. and its all interconnected. Tolkein by way of Bodie. Read it: Order of tales, Rice boy and Vattu ( current).

Freakangels has ended and left a freakangel sized hole in my Fridays.

Studio is  coherent but still a fucking mess. I started a painting, started being the key word here. no idea where to go with it. I have a stack of drawings i need to scan, my computer sit is still a disaster. I think I am switching to mint. we will see.

I wish I could write reviews for all this shit but frankly I am pressed for time. always. and I think my girlfriend wants to go out. so, good night and go fuck yourself san diego.

its like learning a language or building up muscle


no drawing today. I’ve just been reading comics blogs and thinking about process and inspiration. I’m gonna try to put together a inspiration post over the course of this weekend with pictures and links to things i’ve been into this lately. Things like Brandon Graham and his awesome work and equally entertaining and informative blog, that particular gang of comics guys, some shit i was into when I was kid, maybe some exerpts from old sketch books, and link to a slew of top notch web comics and maybe a close friend or two.

I’m really excited a bout doing and drawing at the moment, probably more than I’ve ever been. It’s carried over to a lot of different things one of them being my mind numbing soul sucking job. If I have to be here I am going to use it as an opportunity to become a better designer, which will hopefully make me a better artist and writer as a result.

Last night prior to having a significant amount of my hearing taken away from me forever, I was talking to my friend mark, and we were say how you dont really need to know how to do something in order to do it. You say “yes, I can do that” and then you figure it the fuck out! Naturally this doesnt apply to things like flying a jet or surgery, but thats how people figured how to do things in the first place. There is a saying that goes “you get good at kung fu by doing kung fu” which i will attribute to my sifu Stanly Ju, which is infinitely applicable. I feel like some blinders have been taken off, like i’ve rounded some corner. A lot of things that seemed like they would take forever are just coming naturally. Most things just take doing, and then keep doing it.



whoa.That sucked. I was working on a couple of drawings for this weekends posts. When they wee done I looked at them and realized that they were, well, horrible. Like really bad. Totally out of proportion. Atrocious. Depressing. So here’s something old that doesn’t suck all that bad and let’s just say I owe you two new drawings. Hopefully I’ll learn from my mistakes, although historically that doesn’t seem likely.