its like learning a language or building up muscle


no drawing today. I’ve just been reading comics blogs and thinking about process and inspiration. I’m gonna try to put together a inspiration post over the course of this weekend with pictures and links to things i’ve been into this lately. Things like Brandon Graham and his awesome work and equally entertaining and informative blog, that particular gang of comics guys, some shit i was into when I was kid, maybe some exerpts from old sketch books, and link to a slew of top notch web comics and maybe a close friend or two.

I’m really excited a bout doing and drawing at the moment, probably more than I’ve ever been. It’s carried over to a lot of different things one of them being my mind numbing soul sucking job. If I have to be here I am going to use it as an opportunity to become a better designer, which will hopefully make me a better artist and writer as a result.

Last night prior to having a significant amount of my hearing taken away from me forever, I was talking to my friend mark, and we were say how you dont really need to know how to do something in order to do it. You say “yes, I can do that” and then you figure it the fuck out! Naturally this doesnt apply to things like flying a jet or surgery, but thats how people figured how to do things in the first place. There is a saying that goes “you get good at kung fu by doing kung fu” which i will attribute to my sifu Stanly Ju, which is infinitely applicable. I feel like some blinders have been taken off, like i’ve rounded some corner. A lot of things that seemed like they would take forever are just coming naturally. Most things just take doing, and then keep doing it.

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