Lessons Learned from Other Peoples Dreams

Blog, Lessons Learned From Dreams

I’m working on a full page with animations, I hope to be finished this weekend sometime. I have a bunch of sketches to post as well.

I wrote like a page and a half this morning. It needs serious editing but it felt good, I haven’t been able to capture anything for a couple of weeks.

Just found this person the internets, Emily Carrol, a cool site of this woman’s comics and portfolio. It is of particular interest to me because she does a illustrated dream journal pages. They are fully painted and rather beautiful. She also made this video game Gone Home which looks wonderful and to be a very interesting and interactive approach to story telling.

I am in the middle of a class at RISD, I have a couple of cool projects I’m working on for that but I figure I am going to do a full process post for each of them when I am finished.


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