Lesson learned from dreams

Lessons Learned From Dreams

Notes about living on Mars:

When a package arrives on your door step full of pictures of your roommate and earths premiere martian moon snowboarder and he tells you that they have her kidneys in a box in New York, Its a good rule of thumb that any kind of scavenger hunt they send you on will a) end in black mail b) end in tragedy.

Martian moons are shit places to live. Seriously, who wants to live in New Providence. This is why your roommates keep moving to New Baltimore on the martian surface. Near earth like gravity, water, m-type atmosphere, and prostitution is leagal.

On that note: martian whores are absolutely stunning, will tell you they love you, take your money, and move right back to Earth as soon as the fucking can.

And who could possibly blame them! There are things living under the sand that will strip you to bones in seconds. Thats why the company pays the miners so much.



Lessons Learned From Dreams

It was a mansion set back from the road by a long and winding driveway.
By the time we made it up the drive way it was engulfed in flames. The police arrived and were rounding up the ones who had escaped the conflagration. They had symbols craved into their foreheads and cheeks, tattoo wrapping around their lips and winding down their necks. When the women saw us she spit and cursed. The language she used made my head start to pound and my nose bleed. One of the cops hit her across the face with rifle butt. She fell tot he ground and started crying.
“He would have made the whole earth pure!”
The fist of the goliath shot up through the mansion. the smell of burnt flesh surrounded us. The would be god of the world struggled to lift itself out from its underground lair and screamed and burned.the pasty white worm flesh cracked and blackened int he flames. The markings and symbols on the skin of the gold were the ones his children had made on their faces.
The burnt god crumbled into a heap and its soul wafted away in the wind and smoke.

Lessons Learned from Dreams _ February First, Two Thousand Fourteen

Lessons Learned From Dreams

The denizens of hell are not necessarily a bad bunch, they have just gotten a bad rap over the years. Like any one or anything else they have their strengths and their flaws, families and rivialries. Some of them yes, are hardwired to be bad; but overcoming your nature can be a noble aspiration. The mall where I work is integrated and I have met some wonderful..uh..people. The Asian demon kid who owns the bike shop has the single best manga collection I have ever seen and wants to be a manga artist one day. I gotta say, he is pretty good. His cousins work across the way in the coffee shop. If you havent had hellfire brewed coffee yet than, brother, you are missing out. We found a family of de-powered flesh cubes int he foyer yesterday. Damien Agato, the kid from the bike shop sneered and said we should flamethrower them. A lot of demons consider flesh cubes to be vermin because they reproduce so rapidly and as a result small like ass. We jump started them and discovered that they were a family of distinct individuals, and the reason for the constant reproduction was because the demons always flamethrowered them. they work as custodians in the mall now and provide most of the electricity as they exude it. Little Pink Rhombus Jr wants to be a comedian though. He had the Coffee Devils laughing so hard one them wet himself. The triffid girl has a flower shop, she has really come into her own since she crash landed and destroyed that town. She learned the language and is applying for plant citizenship. And I’l be damned if don’t think she’s cute.

As it turns out, most things just want to be happy and with tolerance, understanding, and yes some flame retardent clothing you will find that the common ground you share is much larger than your differences.

Except for werewolves. Man, fuck those guys.

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(Edit: this was supposed to go up jan 18. but some things took longer, there was a snow storm and a zombie apocalypse! really!) yeah, so I need to make a set -in-stone character sheet for my main character as I’m noticing he’s drawn pretty off model in every thing so far. ( I am still drawing a character sheet, but here is the new page. Need to keep that forward momentum. I would like to take this time to mention that I am not wearing pants.) Probably due to there not really being a model. The vikings are pretty developed but its not a comic about Jeff and Bob, the ambiguously gay vikings; it’s a barbarian revenge (yes thats a genre) comic about a mildly psychopathic rabbit. In its stead I’m publishing the first LLFD page. It moves! horray! This is gonna get its own page. I have two more of these in scripting and story boarding currently. One a month seems to be reasonable for this amount of work. ( this is a generous assumption. this was the first one and my first real attempt into animation. As a result I am now taking two animating classes and have a couple of hundred bucks worth of books. The first thing you learn is how much you dont know.)

As I look at it (DB) some elements are really starting to gel and others need…simplification for lack of better word. Less detail but more information.

Here are some of my new DB Banners. I’m also working on custom navigation.


And a tattoo I’m doing for my friend Paul


and some little monsters


seriously I could this shit all day. you know if I could get paid for it. sigh. ——-> Goes to work.

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Lesson Learned From Dreams 10/3/13

Lessons Learned From Dreams

Originally a cooking school it became a culinary monastery after access was restricted by an earth quake. The best way to obtain access seems to be to crash through the ceiling in a car. The monks are extremely emotional about their calling and will pelt you with macaroons while speaking very harshly about your sexual orientation, questionable lineage, and bestial trysts for the interruption.

Lessons Learned from Dreams 10/2/13

Lessons Learned From Dreams

I was on vacation with Shayne in a Parisian suburb of Boston. In France. Nobody who lived there had a soul but they were all pretty happy. It was beautiful there. We got stuck at the top of a ferris wheel. You could see the two towns over: Nod and Heaven. Shayne had to get to the other side. She was terrified of falling and told me to keep her safe.
“Dont let go!”
“Don’t Worry”
and I laughed because I knew that if we fell, we would just fly.

Lesson learned from dreams 9/28/13

Lessons Learned From Dreams

twins possessed by a super computer give excellent advice on the proper temperature of meat at a barbecue in a burnt out building. I ask the french girl to watch them. something about a corridor and building. My grandfather was there making model airplanes out of airplanes.

Ah shit.

Do you know how difficult this is? Dreaming it’s like Im carving a world out of ice. The details are delicate and beautiful and terrifying and crystalline. I carry these tiny ice castles back with me. But consciousness is like a desert and carrying these delicate things through the desert, well, the longer I carry them the less there is of them. By Noon there’s nothing. Some times I’m lucky and prescient enough to write them down. The words are like a copy of the delicate, detailed beautiful thing rough hewn in stone. They are far from perfect but they are there so that when I look a t the I can see the halo of the original.

At 7am all of those random details linked together they were connected
at 8am I still new why a computer had taken control of the twins. I also knew what they looked like.
at 8:30 I could remember what the french girl looked like and what her name was.
at 9:30 I still knew what color her hair was.

ah well