the endless saga of the first issue of deth bunny


it really has been a learning process so far.

I made a mock-up of a twenty (thats 16 guts and a cover)  page comic today to see what more I need to do and to see who it looks reduce and imposed and all.

for the most part, it looks pretty good. especially for a first comic.. I am redrawing the first three panel strip in to a full page and splitting the first two bob and jeff landscape pages into four portrait ones. Thats gonna bring it up to five new pages to draw and ink. Theyre redraws and I ddi the thumbs tonight so I dont think it will take that long. A lot of stuff needs to be relettered. It should be pretty cool. It will be for sale on this site and at a couple of local comic stores. I’m gonna go to bed now before I fall asleep on my face.

Deth Bunny Update


Hiya, Long time.
How are you?
and your Mom?
man thats great.
Me, well I’ve been buried under seven feet of snow for months now! I took a couple of classes. one went well and the other, not so much, but I still managed to get something out of it. There was a death in the family after a prolonged illness. I grew a beard. Production got all fershnagled on Deth Bunny but I have a new page, another one for next week and enough to finish the first issue!

so things have been good and things have been bad. so it goes. with any luck we are done with the season of death and move into the season of life and rebirth. Lots of folks gettin hitched this year. And babies!

Anyway, here’s some shizz I’ve been working on.

No new comic page today (LATE)

Blog, Lessons Learned From Dreams

(Edit: this was supposed to go up jan 18. but some things took longer, there was a snow storm and a zombie apocalypse! really!) yeah, so I need to make a set -in-stone character sheet for my main character as I’m noticing he’s drawn pretty off model in every thing so far. ( I am still drawing a character sheet, but here is the new page. Need to keep that forward momentum. I would like to take this time to mention that I am not wearing pants.) Probably due to there not really being a model. The vikings are pretty developed but its not a comic about Jeff and Bob, the ambiguously gay vikings; it’s a barbarian revenge (yes thats a genre) comic about a mildly psychopathic rabbit. In its stead I’m publishing the first LLFD page. It moves! horray! This is gonna get its own page. I have two more of these in scripting and story boarding currently. One a month seems to be reasonable for this amount of work. ( this is a generous assumption. this was the first one and my first real attempt into animation. As a result I am now taking two animating classes and have a couple of hundred bucks worth of books. The first thing you learn is how much you dont know.)

As I look at it (DB) some elements are really starting to gel and others need…simplification for lack of better word. Less detail but more information.

Here are some of my new DB Banners. I’m also working on custom navigation.


And a tattoo I’m doing for my friend Paul


and some little monsters


seriously I could this shit all day. you know if I could get paid for it. sigh. ——-> Goes to work.

heya its the shizz:

I amy have added this before, if so read it again

Cool indie comics shizz

dope ass metal comics stuff