Lessons Learned from Dreams _ February First, Two Thousand Fourteen

Lessons Learned From Dreams

The denizens of hell are not necessarily a bad bunch, they have just gotten a bad rap over the years. Like any one or anything else they have their strengths and their flaws, families and rivialries. Some of them yes, are hardwired to be bad; but overcoming your nature can be a noble aspiration. The mall where I work is integrated and I have met some wonderful..uh..people. The Asian demon kid who owns the bike shop has the single best manga collection I have ever seen and wants to be a manga artist one day. I gotta say, he is pretty good. His cousins work across the way in the coffee shop. If you havent had hellfire brewed coffee yet than, brother, you are missing out. We found a family of de-powered flesh cubes int he foyer yesterday. Damien Agato, the kid from the bike shop sneered and said we should flamethrower them. A lot of demons consider flesh cubes to be vermin because they reproduce so rapidly and as a result small like ass. We jump started them and discovered that they were a family of distinct individuals, and the reason for the constant reproduction was because the demons always flamethrowered them. they work as custodians in the mall now and provide most of the electricity as they exude it. Little Pink Rhombus Jr wants to be a comedian though. He had the Coffee Devils laughing so hard one them wet himself. The triffid girl has a flower shop, she has really come into her own since she crash landed and destroyed that town. She learned the language and is applying for plant citizenship. And I’l be damned if don’t think she’s cute.

As it turns out, most things just want to be happy and with tolerance, understanding, and yes some flame retardent clothing you will find that the common ground you share is much larger than your differences.

Except for werewolves. Man, fuck those guys.

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