Lessons Learned From Dreams 9/25/13

Lessons Learned From Dreams

Lessons learned from dreams: Your other world counter part is better looking and more successful, he also has a cool apartment for you to hide out in while you’re trying to avoid the crazy dude in the pink metal suit.

he finished the painting on the wall. It was breathtaking. “it’s not my primary passion. You know that already.”

This is one of seven safe houses I have. You can live here for the time being. That room should be good for the rabbit. He logged into the super computer and pulled up one his allies. They had been hunted across several realities for awhile now but had figured out a way to combine them selves. One person, one persona, all the experience and memories of the each reality. In some versions they had started off as the antagonist but they were moving forward to be come protectors. They knew what was going to happen ahead of time and they spoke in a chorus.

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