grrr. argh.


Remember when I used to post stuff? Yeah, neither do I. I had a decent run and then spent and an inordinate amount of time trying to figure out how to make this everything I wanted it to be. I wanted a portfolio, sketch, blog, and comics site. Well, I am coming really close to three of those, But I can’t figure out how to make the comics work. It’s bumming me out because that was the idea for this site to begin with. Slowly but surely I am populating the portfolio section, but I wish I could make everything work. Ultimately I may have comics live somewhere else, just out of necessity. Just do art and design and some blog crap here. I wish I had the time, and patience, and, well, the computer to learn the web stuff. But I don’t.


at least it looks nice.

Next up: profile pic from this decade!

New stuff!


I just finished  a poster class at risd. one of the three final classes i need in order to have all the credits for my certificate. Taking a letterpress class right now and then one more. Maybe a professional Identity?

Went through piles of work and found a stash of about 16-20 unfinished comic pages and a bunch of other stuff. Planning some new design for the site in the about and landing page, as well as some new navigation. Stayed up late and finished a couple of pages last night over the course of the next few weeks will update all the comic pages. This should make it so that I have a decent preamble for a couple of stories. Started putting school work up on behance/risd site. Photographing some actual professional work to put up. I might also be teaching a class about zombies to kids in the spring!

Been reading a lot of Usagi Yojimbo. It’s like a master class in making good comics. Pretty much every aspect of that book is well thought out and masterfully executed. The amount of research is staggering and meticulous. The artwork, while it started very solid, becomes more lyrical as the series progresses. Stan Sakai has an very intuitive grasp of what to show and what not to, reading flow, composition, and line. He has also won Eisners for his lettering.

Off to work. Will post some pics tonight.


Lessons Learned From Dreams

Water Rats are neither aquatic nor rats but a species of subcutaneous  parasitic centipede that is the mascot for the Water Rats 1% motor cycle club. They give their host a gaunt, sallow appearance while increasing adrenaline and endorphins and suppressing empathic responses, making the host incredibly strong and sociopathic.  They thrive on a diet heavy in sugar, alcohol, and pharmaceuticals. They can grow to a length of three feet and create ridges underneath the skin that the Water Rats MC members decorate with piercings and tattoos.



NickCave_BadSeedsFirst of my Rock Stars. Next Three: Joan Jett, Souisxie Soiuix (gar!) and Wendy O. Huzzah.

Here is the full list in its disastrous glory, including my completely unrealistic post dates!:

Nick Cave iiii July 21

joan jett iiii july 28

siouxsie sioux iiii july 10


patti smith iii july 17

Blixa iii july 24

freddie mercury ii july 31

debbie harry ii august 7

grace jones ii august14

Robert Smith ii august 21


Chris George Jerry Garcia!

Marie Alessandro Debbie Harry

Nancy Lore Nick cave

Tami Adams Alice Cooper.

James Whitney Lzzy Hale

Katie Leclerc Frank Zappa

Steven A Friedrich Christopher Lee

Channin Mayer Debbie, Joan, Siouxsie, Grace Slick?

Kerry Grasso I like Siouxsie suggestion ^ you could make that rad!

Abigail Taylor Bowie again.

Kerry Grasso I also think Maynard would be cool ( considering your style of drawing )

Quang Pho Peter Murphy

Channin Mayer Al Jorgensen

Britton Kroessler KING DIAMOND

Rae Aoi Kami Joan Jett!

Chyle Lillanna Crossley Joan Jett

Chyle Lillanna Crossley JINX!! smile emoticon

Emily Taylor Freddie Mercury.

Rae Aoi Kami Grace Jones!

Andy Laffin Marc Bolan? Patti Smith? Keith Richards?

James Cuddyer Grace Jones

Robert Smith (N OT CURRENT ONE)

Nivek Ogre

Unlike · Reply · 1 · June 11 at 10:04am

Chyle Lillanna Crossley Tiny Tim

Chyle Lillanna Crossley Wendy O Williams

Katri Suileabháin Blida Bargeld.

Timmeh M. Alvin and the chipmunks

Vanessa Martin Steven Tyler seems like he could be fun to draw

Shayne Amaral Robert Smith, Martin Gore

Timmeh M. Christopher Lee

Chris Boie Freddie Mercury, but Brian May’s Hair would be cool too

Andrew Collar

Andrew Collar’s photo.

Moses Horowitz Jerry Lee Lewis.

Andy McMurry buddy guy

Kim Gonzaga


Uwas charlotte gainsbourg.

Julian Gershwin Bach

Colin St John Please consider this country music guy:


Kirsten Obermiller yourself

John O’Leary

John O’Leary’s photo.

Nick Atlas Danny Elfman?

Stacey Graham Jimmy Hendrix?

Max King Me

Jack Monti A like Blixa. But Nick Cave, PJ Harvey, Tom Waits, and Siouxsie all have my vote.

Katri Suileabháin replied · 12 Replies

Jack Monti Does it have to be rock?

Michael Brousseau Prince

Steve Roy Me

Steve Roy Pattie Smith

Grethe Thilly Militia Vox

Steve Roy Old Dirty Bastard

Tanya O’Debra Kim Gordon

Tanya O’Debra Cyndi Lauper

John O’Leary Poly Styrene!

John O’Leary Rosie MacDowall!

Tim Robblee The Clash

Josh Lawton Wendy O Williams

Pete Wilks Joan Jett

for Richard butler or stiv bators.

Edward Cross ….Don’t wanna suggest it, but I have to: Danzig. +

A Dominy Cusraque Mick _&_ Keef, Together, 2 B Obvious…

Eric Lomas Paul Simonon / Mick Jones

Andrew Collar COIL

Brian Hughes Mark Sandman? Low-Rock is rock, right? Also, even though it might be a stretch to call him “Rock”, Leonard Cohen has a great presence.


John O’Leary Johnny THUNDERS. there can never be too many pictures of Thunders.

LLFD 61715

Lessons Learned From Dreams

The cops cordoned off the area,the lobby of the building was covered in blood and body parts. We hid in the bushes and watched them try to tame the poor ent that went crazy and tore though downtown. They didn’t know what it was that was happening, but two of us had already begun changing to light. It was the end of the word and the world. We rode that giant tree spirit to to edge or the world and knowing, the we joined our ancestors in the sky.

LLFD 61615

Lessons Learned From Dreams

I waited on the platform and could see it in the sky a few clicks away.
The commuter barges were never on time. The main cars always smelled like cabbage and the toilet was always out of order. The tier 2 and 1 seats however were super nice. She had reserved a private suite somewhere on tier 1. She was recently divorced and looked like she stepped out of Disintegration. I hadnt seem her in close to 20 years. A little sadder, a little older, she still smelled like roses.

Long time no something something


Hi there invisible readers who do not exist. Long time no see.
I just finished up my final studio for my Graphic Design certificate at RISD! What does that mean? Your guess is a as good as mine. I hope i get a better job. or turn my personal stuff into a job.
Actually it means a couple of things:
I’m completely overhauling my portfolio section to reflect the things I did in the program. I also want to add some more drawings and stuff.
I will be updating my bio section with my resume and professional ID. I think some newer pictures of my ugly mug will be in order as well.
I will be resuming updates on Deth Bunny. Dear god I just want to finish one issue.

I want to update this blog/artsite more regularly.
I am going to need to figure out a decent schedule and stick to it, not that any one reads this. Weekly will most likely be out of the question. Bi weekly? yeah that sounds good. Just curious, not serious.
So whaddya think: July 1st. I’ll have the new stuff up and then try to go from there. Yeah, I think that’s a good idea too.



wow, I checked the last time I updated this thing and It was right before I started class last fall. That was the last time I had a minute to think about anything. Since then i finished a hellish class, got 17 combined hours of sleep, moved, missed the holidays, got bit by a cat, and registered for new classes. All I want to do is spend a month making comics, or drawings, or whatever. That should happen around july. cest la munki.

Lessons Learned From Dreams: Sharks

Lessons Learned From Dreams

They were better looking. Their skin was smoother and seemed to sparkle in the sunlight. Their teeth were whiter. And sharper And there was a whole lot more of them. They were much better dancers, moving like sharks through a school of fish.
I noticed the first one after Mika’s parents show at The Balcony. He was faster than the rest of the punks and while he danced, it looked like flashes of electricity shot off him. It turned the pit into a lightning storm. There was something about him, he didn’t look real. He looked like one of Stephon’s photographs, hyper real, like he had HiDef make-up on, and was constantly being photoshopped to perfection. All the girls were fixated on him, and then he smiled and blinded the room.

Not long after that night I started seeing them everywhere. Always perfect, Always dancing. At the big mall a dance exhibition was being held, and at least half of them were smiling and flashing. It was intoxicating. Hypnotic.
“He just has so many more teeth.”
This was the last thing my sister said to me before she went off with one of them. When she came back she was perfect, she glistened with electricity, and a sliver membrane slid sideways over her eyes when she blinked.


Lessons Learned From Dreams

Well we all know that it takes seven people to effectively receive a alien bio transmission and that it will trash a penthouse suite. What’s the old team up to these days?
The Russian is smoking himself to death and raising psychic rabbits on top of the mountain.
The girl quit the assassin bis and now trains ninjas to win tv talent contests.
The girl that disappeared, they say she haunts the hotel were it happened.
Jimmy is immortal now. and insane. and almost constantly trying to kill himself.
His brothers run a fight school on a remote island, where that big tournament is every 100 years.

and well, you all know what I’m doing.