Long time no something something


Hi there invisible readers who do not exist. Long time no see.
I just finished up my final studio for my Graphic Design certificate at RISD! What does that mean? Your guess is a as good as mine. I hope i get a better job. or turn my personal stuff into a job.
Actually it means a couple of things:
I’m completely overhauling my portfolio section to reflect the things I did in the program. I also want to add some more drawings and stuff.
I will be updating my bio section with my resume and professional ID. I think some newer pictures of my ugly mug will be in order as well.
I will be resuming updates on Deth Bunny. Dear god I just want to finish one issue.

I want to update this blog/artsite more regularly.
I am going to need to figure out a decent schedule and stick to it, not that any one reads this. Weekly will most likely be out of the question. Bi weekly? yeah that sounds good. Just curious, not serious.
So whaddya think: July 1st. I’ll have the new stuff up and then try to go from there. Yeah, I think that’s a good idea too.

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