Lessons Learned From Dreams: Sharks

Lessons Learned From Dreams

They were better looking. Their skin was smoother and seemed to sparkle in the sunlight. Their teeth were whiter. And sharper And there was a whole lot more of them. They were much better dancers, moving like sharks through a school of fish.
I noticed the first one after Mika’s parents show at The Balcony. He was faster than the rest of the punks and while he danced, it looked like flashes of electricity shot off him. It turned the pit into a lightning storm. There was something about him, he didn’t look real. He looked like one of Stephon’s photographs, hyper real, like he had HiDef make-up on, and was constantly being photoshopped to perfection. All the girls were fixated on him, and then he smiled and blinded the room.

Not long after that night I started seeing them everywhere. Always perfect, Always dancing. At the big mall a dance exhibition was being held, and at least half of them were smiling and flashing. It was intoxicating. Hypnotic.
“He just has so many more teeth.”
This was the last thing my sister said to me before she went off with one of them. When she came back she was perfect, she glistened with electricity, and a sliver membrane slid sideways over her eyes when she blinked.

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