Dead Winter episode 400


So this guy Dave Shabet does this web-comic called Dead Winter which is something special. It’s a story about a zombie apocalypse which in itself is kind of played but like most stories revolving around that premise, it’s emotional core is the survivors. It’s pretty gruesome at parts and actually kind of cute at others and very charming. I think he draws it all on the computer, something I’m normally a little wary of, but it is done to great effect here. Like a lot of webcomics you get to see his progression as an artist but the thing that makes it special is his exploration of the unique possibilities of webcomics versus print comics. The result is this wonderful mix of print and animation that is specific and very purposeful as opposed to those shitty “motion comics” where something static is made into a half assed cartoon. It’s primarily a black and white comic with red color cues that dissolves into a color book every 20 pages or so (when dealing with a dreamscape) There were flirtations with adding animated elements early on which were startling and well awesome and well why hadn’t someone else done it before? They are small and interesting like an animated gif, but add a wonderful dimension to the comic. Every 100 pages or so, he does a full animated page that plays out in a sequence and then shows a static version of the page. It’s up to page 400 and is updated fairly regularly.

Anyway. Its awesome. Its innovative. It’s creator owned. Support it.