Hmm. Been Busy. Yesterday was the last day of my anatomy class at risd. The class met six times, it was pretty short, but the teacher was wonderful and there was a lot of information that was immediately usable. I also met a few people and got the info on some figure drawing sessions around town.

I am registered for spring as well. I originally wanted to take a design class and a comics class but it turns out they’re on the same night at the same time. I had some worries about whether or not that would effect my financial aid award but it turns out not to be the case.

I did the ou line of a tattoo on a  friend. I do not have a picture and that might be for the best. I have discovered there is a lot more about tattooing that I am unaware that i am unaware of.  I would need to figure out a lot of the things that I don’t know, before I could even start to figure out how to do them, much less do them well and there is more to learn than I can from just doing.

Simply put: I need a teacher.

Here is an old drawing I redrew today. I was going to color it in photoshop but I forgot the specific steps.

crap forgot his tonsure

a noticeable lack of posting


ugh. I don’t have photoshop on the laptop. I haven’t gotten the hang of gimp. My mac is to slow to do ANYTHING. I’ve been stupid busy with school and snow and the beginning of the semester at work. I have lots of drawings to put up, lots of things to write about and link to and shit, but i have no time. I am going to redesign the site with prtty pictures and such and ways to hire  me and rates and the like. so tired.

Crown Splash Page


Here is something I was playing with when I initially wanted to make my own website. It mirrors a business card I made. My intention was to have the site and my collateral have this style identity. Everything was going to be oldtimey and appear to be letter pressed, possibly even letter-pressing some of the physical collateral (business card, envelope, letterhead). As it became more apparent that this was above my capabilities at the time I decided to  start with something modular and more manageable.

Given that I have a new computer that can actually handle my attempts at illustration and design, maybe I’ll give it another shot.

Tentacles and Turtles


Some things I have been monkey-ing with over the past week.

A quick sketch then quickly colored in photoshop. I’m gonna be drawing eggs and tentacles for a while.

This is the second drawing. more refined. I think this style of drawing will work nice for comic book stuff.

Lastly, I’ve been drawing a bunch of robot turtles. I don’t remember if there are more or not posted here, but I will make some sort of post with a bunch of them, sometime soonish.



Busy at work and lazy at home. they switched my pills up and I get a headache at 1 pm everyday guaranteed. I need to make my upstairs work space more habitable and work there. I will make an inspiration post this weekend, and then hopefully one involving character design for one of my comics. Need to develop more of a schedule regarding these things, write on Tuesday, draw on Wednesday, scan and color on Thursday, that sort of thing. Well develop it and then actually follow it.

Shelly’s Jellys


My step mom makes jam and I offered to do some design/illustration work for her. Now her jams are actually something special and she likes to mix up her fruits combos, so they’re pretty flamboyant. I did a cartoon version of her for the logo (which I will add later) and a couple of flamboyant fruits to complement her flamboyant jams. Technically they’re jams not jellies but her name is Michelle, and Shelly’s Jellys sounds so much better that Michelle’s Jams.

New Puter


I have a new laptop that is seriously faster than my desktop. It’s not exactly new, it’s my bosses old dell and the video card went on it. Replacement cards generally go for a bout 350 so he opted for an entirely new computer instead and I got the laptop with the busted vid card. I found one eventually for about 200 bucks and replaced it myself, which required taking the whole damn thing apart, on thanksgiving morning ! I have a bunch of things to post and can effectively color them now. new stuff coming soon.



There’s a ton of stuff I want to put up, but time and computing speeds conspire against me. This is a drawing I did as a character study. It is for a aside story called exterminator, that would be a six page comic addition to amnesiac. I t has William S. Burroughs as an unnamed exterminator fumigating Hugo Blue’s apartment, while they’re both in it and calling into question his recollection of his past.

This is one of the terrible ones from last weekend. It’s still a work in progress, but looks a lot better with some photoshop on it. I have to finish the flat colors and add the shades. This is the first of three drawings I did of storm. the last on is the one I like but it’s a little big to scan here.

The last thing I was working on this weekend was a couple pages of a comic that I don’t have a name for . I used to call it undisclosed metallic injection, which I think might be ok for say a chapter name, but as the title of the book, not so much.I am going to serialize it here when I get it together, maybe three pages at a time.