Black Rabbit Brewing Company

 Black Rabbit Brewery: Final Studio, branding, package design 

Coinin Dubh is Gaelic for “Black Rabbit”. This is a branding project for a brewery taking inspiration from Irish folklore. The “Puca”, an Irish trickster spirit, is used as the basis for the mark and reinforced with the typeface Fell Type. Knotwork elements and a gilded earth tone color scheme help further the idea. Styles of beer, including the flagship “Odd Fellow” a pale ale, are inspired by various Irish legends and tales. The imagery was created by transferring hand drawings to a linoleum block and printing them. This is meant to be a complete system that can be applied to all manner of marketing ephemera including growlers, coasters, shirts, and packaging. It was silk screened, stamped, printed and drawn.

If a six-foot tall rabbit offers to buy you a beer, let him, but don’t drink it.



Rhode Island School of Design

Graphic Design Certificate Program, Division of Continuing Education
Dina Vincent, Program Advisor

Photos by Pheobe Pitassi

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