Personal Identity

Personal Identity Suite: Traditional & Unconventional Suite

Six weeks of Hellish introspection. Who are you? How do you want to present yourself to the world? Are you wearing pants? Hello, banana phone?

This project was challenging because I tend to try to avoid personal scrutiny, both external and internal. Professional Identity was all about that. I used a concept of “Idiosyncrasy” and designed a suite of materials that communicated my personality in both a playful and professional manner. It is bright and bold, and rough but very intentional.

King-branding-2 King-branding-1

The place where everything really came together was the unconventional approach. I created a paper doll resume with a book full of accessories, chalk full of secret messages and surprises. Assembling a single book takes about 8-10 hours. Give me a job and I will send you one. 😉

Rhode Island School of Design

Graphic Design Certificate Program, Division of Continuing Education
Dina Vincent, Program Advisor

Photos by Pheobe Pitassi

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