DB Page Four (five?)


Missed my update yesterday which is dumb since I was home all day. Stupid snow.
Working on a new header for the DB stuff. It’s better than nuthin but still needs work.




I’m gonna upload the new page today so I dont have to deal  next week.

Animation is real hard work! It is meticulous and time consuming. Plus I dont fully understand the mechanics which makes it even harder. I have two more animated elements in my first LLFD strip and I think that might push my release of that towards the end of the month. I am storyboarding the second one currently. I actually should start trying to write new ones as I have fallen out of the habit.  I have a backlog of ones I havent published though. But I should get back in the habit of trying to write one everyday, whether it sucks or not. It is a far better habit than playing Marvel Avengers Alliance until I’m late for work everyday.

Shiz I am into this week:

Allred and Fraction’s FF Is wonderful and fun

Arrow is full of awesome torsos

Upstream Color is better than Primer. I hope someday some one backs a truck full of money onto Shane Carruth’s front lawn. Dude needs to make all of the movies. Yes, its that good.

Umbral is pretty dope. Loved Wasteland but I guess that is ending soonish? Umbral feels like an old children’s fantasy movie, back when children’s fantasy movies where weird and dark and violent and not sanitized.

Ty Seagal makes me happy in a fuzzed out distorted kinda way.




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