New Comic


So I have a couple of full pages done and I’m gonna post them one a week, cus I’m real slow at getting the done even though I have 10 penciled.
Anyway, here is the first Deth Bunny strip. its pretty basic. It was more a psychological experiment in finishing something used to build momentum. I also figured out how to put a title header on the pages designating which comic its from and how to link them so you can scroll through the different titles with out them getting all mixed up. woo hoo content delivery.

You will notice the first few pages are all different sizes and orientations. But I figure you are a tolerant bunch and will except them, no matter what size they are.

I have a few pages for the hunter too, and once I have a suitable backlog I will start posting those as well.

All the pages will ultimately be for sale and for each title  I will also be making a small run of floppies after i produce blocks of story arc. They will be cool and you will want to buy them.

So read it, subscribe to it ( do i have that set up?) tell your friends, blah blah blah.

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