New for Two Oh One Two


I made this yesterday. Im pretty pysched as its almost a full page of comics and i knocked it out pretty quick. The story is kind of direivative of Supernatural which I was watching when i drew it. The older guy is the town hunter and takes care of killing the werewolves that infest the places where towns arent. the younger guy is his second becuase if the hunter gets bit he needs someone to shoot him right away before he changes. Being the baddest mofo’s in town, they would be even badder wolves. the girl is his daughter, who should have been his second and apprentice. Story’s in my head, i’ll try and get it on paper.




I finished my process book finally and im going to throw myself into personal work until a time comes when I have to go back to school. I’ve done a lot of writing and I want to get some comics and paintings and tattoos done in the next couple of months. possibly longer if i cant figure out how to pay for school.

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