Cool new ish about my website


No drawings at the moment but I upgraded the software which is pretty cool. to me anyway. there is a “post” button for me right on the site . I added a favicon, which makes me happy. It’s a little skull wearing a crown. I also poked around the codec and found a share this thingy. which means I can share posts to facebook fairly easy. not that it was hard before, its just more convenient now, and as an american I demand that all things are easy.

I had a good idea for a comic that I started a number of years ago about the tiny evil monkies that live in my head. I think its gonna be about my add and my journey back to medication. I think that could encapsulate all of the monkey related hijinks and how I have come to terms with it. I have a couple of pages already drawn up and then stopped as it wasnt going anywhere at all. keep an eye out.

Taking classes at RISD currently and it’s going fairly well. Finished an anatomy class that really helped my figure drawing, just started a design class and I think I may be doing well.

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