Lessons learned from dreams 5/1/2014

Lessons Learned From Dreams

The house your grandparents had is just out side of a town that is a retirement community/high security prison for ex military and intelligence community. It is also alive, sentient, bored, telepathic, and a possessed of a strange sense of humor. Like the plague of cuddly rats. I mean awesome, but gross. You can still see mister schmidt walking his cuddly rat snorkles down main street. He used to be an interrogator of the highest order. H e was magic with a pair of pliars and a blow torch. Now he runs the  hardware store “Schmidt & Son”. He doesnt have a son, never married. He actually gay. The son he’s refereing to is Snorkles. Damn he loves that rat.

The town, which has no name although in private it likes to refer to itself as wildemere, is a prototypical “Walking Prison”. Once listed as a citizen/incarcerated it is impossible to leave but in a very subtle way. Say if you need to go one town over for milk that will be allowed, but if you try to run away it knows and manipulates the topography and your perception and pull the old “go down main street one way and come in the other” trick. Or you just “go for walk” where you suddenly have the urge to go for a walk and do so until you are too tired to try an run away.

But hey, there are awesome food trucks. Like the burrito and ice cream  ( yes you heard right) truck run by the Egyptian girls. They are crazy and beautiful an make top notch vegan coconut cookies. They might be vampires. I am not sure their names, I just refer to them by the side of the truck they’re on. the one on the right claims to have fallen down a storm drain as a child and seen the inner workings of the wildemere. I guess it goes down about twenty miles and has a giant cuddly rat farm and water fall. It doesnt sound to farfetched ( all things considered) but that one, she likes to lie, for fun.

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