Friday biz and tha shizz


Tha Biz

Two new pages of Deth Bunny up. two new pages penciled. LET THE INKY MADNESS BEGIN! The end of april should see a store page, the first print issue, and tshirts!
I finally grok flash enough to use it functionally. I am redoing my first “Lessons learned From Dreams” with better timing, more interesting animations and fun nonsense.
The second LLFD page is gonna be about me, my rabbit, and a quantum assassin dude. I am totally gonna butter his muffin and I do not mean buttsecks! holy crap I do not know when this will be done but I will have process work up as I go.

Tha Shizz

Mind MGMT: Frackin brilliant comic by Matt Kindt. Secret psychic spy organization rules the world. nothing is what it seems. nice water color artwork. Shitty review on my part!

The punk singer: Kathleen Hanna is so dreamy. In that super hot feminist super hero kinda way.

heavy metal & rock and rule:If you wanna talk “influential to my tastes to this day” these two movies where on the same video tape back in the day when you would tape shit off of cable on “slp” three movie to a tape and then watch them until it broke.

Tj & Amal: super gay road trip. wonderful character development and pretty nice art ranging from sketches to fully realized and painted landscapes. by super gay I mean that it is about two homosexual guys on a cross country trip falling in love. so if that isnt your thing…well, you should still check it out. it’s that well done.

saint for rent: time travel web comic. highly entertaining and mildly animated.

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