Empire Pt1: The Princess and the Pirate


So during the day to keep myself from cutting my own throat with a sheet of paper or from running into the street in front of a bus (I have issues) I doodle things on my schedule. Lately I’ve been scanning them and then inking and coloring them digitally. They’re tagged “sched drawings ” on here. Currently I’m doing a bunch of characters from The Empire Strikes Back.

Here are the firs t two I’ve finished

Han_web Leia_web


The Devils Cupcakes


I posted a pic form one of my ongoing comic projects the other day. A picture of a Hackintosh Gainsbourg, intrepid reporter and drug addict. I’ve been adverse to talking about my comics projects because they are in such a state of disrepair and disorganization that it is frankly quite embarrassing. One of the main reasons that I maintain this site is to show case them and it has been an uphill battle to say the very least. First: I am learning how to make comics as I do this. This is hard and I have a lot of half finished work to show for it. There are so many different elements that go into comic making: writing, design, art, planning, and a working knowledge of mechanical reproduction. Plus you need to be able to draw EVERYTHING. Thought you knew how to draw? Draw a car. On a street. filled with people. chased by a dragon. next to a building. thats on fire. from three different angles. for 16 pages. consistently enough that you can recognize it as the same car and people on the same street for all sixteen pages. Yup, I thought so.

Next: Technology. Word press and its associated plug ins and extensions aren’t the most complicated thing in the world, and all the info you need is out there on the interent. That being said: if someone gives you a guitar and sits you down in a library filled with musical instruction and sheet music, you dont just pick it up and begin playing classical spanish compositions.

I’ve been faced with two fairly steep learning curves and working on it in my spare time and learning some hard truths about producing artwork that doesn’t suck along the way. I guess that I have anything to show and havent given up and hanged myself should be fairly impressive. I do however feel as though I am at the top of those terrible curves and things might start to go more smoothly from here.

new shtuff


Heres an art dump of new and old stuff, paintings drawings sketches etc. that I scanned this weekend.